13 Jun 2023

The Department of Education Receives a $10,000 SEED Grant to Fund Growth and Improvements for Teacher Residencies

The Department of Education has received a $10,000 SEED grant from the National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR). The SEED grant places Saint Augustine’s University’s Department of Education in partnership with the not-for-profit organization who identified the 10 North Carolina HBCUs (NC10) as collaborators in its efforts to “design, develop, launch, grow, and improve” teacher residencies across the country.

Members of the Department of Education have attended and participated in five in-person and on-line institutes with other NC10 members aimed at defining the center’s standards and offering tools for each participating HBCU to engage in the work of developing a successful residency program, as defined by NCTR, for prospective teachers. This initiative responds to the dire need for teachers in the state and in the nation and offers a model of success through conducting a teacher residency that will occur throughout the final year of a pre-service teacher’s training.

The SEED grant funds will provide funding for conducting a landscape analysis to validate the need for teachers and identify potential public and private sector partners who will be needed to initiate and sustain the residency initiative.