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Professional Studies & Enterprise Services

Designed to enhance your skills so that you will advance to your next level of success. The department provides access to interdisciplinary knowledge that prepares learners for a global-centric workforce.

You Gain:

In-Demand Professional Skills

Our Aim:

To Deliver Innovative Learning Techniques


The mission of the Professional Studies & Enterprise Services is to design and deliver innovative learning opportunities that will help individuals advance to their next level of success in a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world.


Professional Studies & Enterprise Services will be recognized as a leading provider of innovative learning opportunities available to students and professionals globally.

Professional Studies Gateway Access Hub

Professional Studies Gateway Access Hub

Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program

Professional Development and Career Services Center

Professional Development and Career Services Center

Testing Center

Testing Center

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Support Services

  • Personalized Advising

  • Affordable Tuition

  • Grants

  • Scholarships

  • Career Services

  • Writing Center

  • Tutoring¬†

  • Counseling And Psychological Services

  • Super Strong Career Indicator Assessment

Cindy Love

``Prepare yourself for the next level that will empower you to break from the predictable and reveal the incredible side of YOU!``

Dr. Cindy Register Love, Associate Vice President