26 Oct 2023

The SAU NABA Chapter Participates in Two-Day Regional Conference, One Which Attracts Numerous Other Schools

The SAU NABA chapter made a strong presence at the regional conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota from October 15th to 17th. Out of the 24 current members, 9 attended the conference and represented the chapter with pride and dignity. The two-day event featured seminars, workshops, career fairs, and on-site interviews which attracted participation from numerous other schools. Our students, true to the spirit of a falcon, actively engaged by asking insightful questions, securing on-the-spot interviews, networking with professionals, companies, and peers, and demonstrating exceptional commitment by being the last in the room after each session. This conference provided our students with valuable opportunities for internships, career development, and personal growth as emerging professionals in their respective fields. 

Ashley Kristen Weekes, a Senior Accounting major who is the President of the chapter and the 73rd Miss Saint Augustine’s University said “It was such a momentous experience. I remember my sophomore year having to build the chapter up from scratch as all of the members had graduated. I had to attend conferences and really advocate for SAU on my own. These past few days brought joy to my heart as SAU was there after being told we could not attend and not only were we representing well but left with possible internship opportunities with some of the top companies in the USA.”  

Louis Keenan Lowndes, a Senior Business Administration major and The 10th Mister Saint Augustine’s University said that “The conference was an unforgettable experience! While there, not only was I able to connect with industry professionals but also my peers. Networking is so powerful because you never know whose beside you or what opportunities could come your way. This was my first time at a NABA event and I’m looking forward to getting more involved.” 

Ashley Weekes – President
Emmanuel Bryant – Vice President
Breanna Dorway
Louis Keenan Lowndes
Cameron Moore
Andrea Diaz
Sthepanie Sierra Medina
Annissa Johnson
Markleanie Gibson