28 Apr 2023

SAU Cycling Team Hosts a Group Ride with Triangle Bike Works

RALEIGH, NC – April 23, 2023: The Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) cycling team hosted a group ride with Triangle Bike Works, a cycling youth program for Black, Latino, Asian, and Indigenous riders. Twelve cyclists attended, including coaches and managers from both programs. The purpose of the ride was to promote community building and networking opportunities for students and discuss topics such as higher education, healthy cycling habits, and leadership development.

The beautiful Umstead State Park served as the scenic backdrop for the event that provided a great opportunity for riders to connect outside of their respective programs and exchange ideas and personal experiences.

“We are thrilled with the success of this event,” said Finote Weldemariam, SAU team manager and coach. “Triangle Bike Works is a fantastic program, and we are pleased to partner with them in this networking opportunity. We look forward to continuing the partnership.”

“The group ride event was a lot more fun than I could’ve anticipated. This whole experience made me feel special getting to encourage others to ride their bike and providing an example for HBCU cycling,” commented SAU sophomore Bronte Weatherford.

SAU junior Kensington Brown added, “Today was a good and new experience riding and talking with the youth. I’m interested in sharing my experiences, especially the ones getting ready for college. I can see myself being more getting involved more this way.”

For more information regarding SAU Cycling and Triangle Bike Works or upcoming events, please visit the respective websites, https://www.sauclubsports.com/cycling, and https://www.trianglebikeworks.org/