29 Mar 2016

Leah Waldo wins a $1,000 Scholarship

Leah Waldo wins a $1,000 Scholarship

Leah Waldo, a university writing center consultant, resident assistant for Weston Hall and a talented spoken word artist is now $1,000 richer, and her entry in the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Essay Contest was the golden ticket. This year’s prompt asked students to write about the growing concern regarding school shootings across the nation. Campus safety is very important to Leah, who wrote: “Safety is just as important as the quality of the education offered.”

The CIAA, Food Lion and Coca-Cola Zero sponsored the essay contest. There were 420 entries from all of the colleges and universities that are part of the CIAA. Leah was one of 15 first prize winners.

When asked why she entered the contest, Ms. Waldo explained, “The Writing Center staff encouraged me to apply, and the prizes were very enticing.” She went on to add, “When I got the e-mail that said I won, I wondered if anyone else from Saint Augustine’s University was selected, then the excitement followed.”

Leah felt that her role as a writing center consultant helped her gain this victory, and she encouraged all students to visit the Center. She also expressed that “The faculty in the Saint Augustine’s University Department of English truly prepared me for this contest. They are exceptional teachers, who care about me, and ensure my writing only gets stronger and stronger.”