Every member of Saint Augustine’s University has the right to live and learn in an atmosphere of trust and support.
Responsibility for maintaining these values in our community rests with each individual member. Values that promote this atmosphere include:

HONESTY: Be truthful in your academic work and in your relationships.
INTEGRITY: Be trustworthy, Fair, and ethical.
RESPONSIBILITY: Be accountable for your actions and your learning.
RESPECT: Be civil. Value the dignity of each person. Honor the physical and intellectual property of others.


“The honor code is printed in Official Catalog, the Students Handbook, and on the Saint Augustine’s University website. A Component vital to the Honor Code is the inclusion of the Honor Pledge which applies to all assignments, examinations or other course work undertaken by students. The Honor Pledge is implied, whether or not is stated:

“On my honor, I pledge to pursue all endeavors and uphold the values of Saint Augustine’s University and its mission with honesty, Integrity, responsibility and respect.”

See the student handbook for the rules that govern the SAU community: