altThe goal of the Financial Aid Office is to provide a financial package to cover the difference between the student's budget and the amount revealed by his or her official need analysis. Current students and prospective students are urged to file an application for financial aid early and follow-up on any additional information needed to make an award. The University's Financial Aid Office, which is located on the first floor of Delany Hall, is available to assist with the application process.

All students who have outside scholarships, grants or loans must notify the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.

In order to receive your financial aid package, you must complete a FAFSA. The following links will direct you to videos that can assist you.
Review FAFSA overview
Create a Federal Student Aid ID
You've submitted your FAFSA, now what?

Scholarships, grants or loan checks should be forwarded directly to the Office of Business and Finance. For a current listing of the estimated general expenses to attend Saint Augustine's University click here.

The Office of Financial Aid at Saint Augustine's University attempts to meet your financial need with a combination of all aid funds for which you are eligible, providing you with a financial aid package. This package must include all resources available to you from other sources, such as private scholarships, other institutional scholarships awarded from departmental funds, and from other agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation.

The State of North Carolina has changed its method of determining residency for purposes of state financial aid. North Carolina Residency will be made by the State through its Residency Determination Service (RDS) website. You may complete the determination at that website at your convenience. You must be determined to be a resident of North Carolina via RDS before we can consider you for any financial aid from the state. For general and more detailed information about RDS that may prove helpful to you, please visit the RDS website
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