Saint Augustine’s University admissions policies are consistent with the mission of the institution and do not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees, based on race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. In addition, Saint Augustine’s University seeks to promote a multinational and multiracial student population by recruiting and enrolling students without regard to race, gender or ethnicity.

Admission requirements are listed below for those seeking admission into the freshman class, students seeking admission with transferable undergraduate credits, those seeking re-admission, and those seeking admission as international students. Students are admitted for the Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Sessions. Early submission of applications and other credentials is encouraged.

Students must have completed the following high school courses:

  • English - 4 units
  • Mathematics - 3 units (1 must be Algebra)
  • Science - 3 units
  • Social Studies - 2 units
  • Electives - 10 units